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Teaching regular group classes and one to one tuition

  • Louise is a qualified Iyengar yoga teacher. She started practising yoga in 2000, not knowing there were different styles of yoga, but as soon as she found the Iyengar method, she was hooked and started the teacher training two year course in 2007 and qualified to teach in 2009.

    In 2013, she qualified to teach the Intermediate Junior 1 course of yoga asana and continued to pass Intermediate Junior 2 in 2014 and Intermediate Junior 3 in 2015. This means she has been examined as having the necessary skills and knowledge to teach the relevant intermediate postures. She continues to study and attend classes with more senior teachers each week.

  • The training in Iyengar Yoga for teachers is thorough, and once qualified, teachers have to maintain professional standards through contact with senior teachers, attending study days, regular classes and workshops so that students can benefit. Various levels of certification are attainable but only through years of study and practice – there are no fast-track options in Iyengar Yoga teaching! It is the safest method of yoga practice as it is taught progressively and is student-centred.

    Only fully qualified teachers in the Iyengar method who have been examined by the Iyengar Yoga Association can use the term Iyengar in their teaching qualifications and bear the Iyengar Certification Mark.

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Iyengar Certified Teacher